Please help hatch my egg

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Friend's Only

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This is Classicelfryokos/Maria's personal and selling blog! <3

I swear I talk about sexual things sometimes, but please don't let that
confuse you. I'm not a limited person.I love everything from Art, Photography,
Books,Poetry,Anime,Love,Asians,Wide Varietys of Music,Making Love,Being
With friends, Writing Skits,Drawing Different Forms of Art, and Talking on
My Cell -- to hentai,sex,bondage,S&M,vibrators, and masturbation. ...I hate
racism, I can't stand it. So if you are one of those types of people, please
don't even bother. Also I won't judge your religion or your character as
long as you don't say shit about mine. I'll accept you for who you are or
whatever, just don't be rude, asshole. You guys know all about that. So thanks
and umm... well if I haven't ran you off by now leave me some messages.
Much love to you all!!

:::If you kiss me... I'll love you forever, but please love all of me back
and don't hate my character. Love me with all my mistakes and problems.:::
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    Avril Lavigne - Fall to Pieces